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I am guessing that Allen Head Shoulder Bolt is about 6mm with a 20mm shoulder. 

My only guess is that came off one of the Bamar Furlers, probably the motor housing unit or possibly at the top near the swivel or on the blocking ring...see photo. 

Maybe you should check the Bamar Furler Manuals to see if this is possible.

​A less likely guess would be that it came from the top of the mast. Normally antenna mounts and Mast Head Units are mounted with shoulder bolts to the mast top. The mast top is tapped (threaded) for these bolts and they are usually either 5 or 6mm. 

The least likely place is on or near the downwind pole...I don't think so, but my knowledge of the downwind pole on a 54 is limited.

It's not Easter, but you have an Easter Egg Hunt ahead of you...good luck and let us know if you find money is on the Bamar Furlers.


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No sir. No Simpson lawrence davit


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Do u have a simpson lawrence davit? 

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This piece of hardware arrived on my port deck nestled into a deck crack with the Gaz lazzarette upon returning from a afternoon sail.

Presumably it's from somewhere above – the rigging. Does anyone have any idea or can anyone identify this bolt or suggest where I might look?

It appears that the distal end has been sheared off.

Very much appreciated as always

Porter McRoberts

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