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hanspeter baettig

Dear Danny
good input

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Hi Hanspeter,
My thoughts on the forum. Ive been a member since 2008 when we bought Ocean Pearl. I have found it invaluable. As a hew owner I had so much I didn't know and the old hands generously shared their experiences. Over time I have been able to contribute as well. With the complexities of the Amel having access to the wide experience on the forum is amazing. A few years ago someone complained it was only SM focused. Obvious answer was for other owners to get involved. Recently there has been quite an upsurge in activity from SM and from all the earlier models and the newer as well. Speaks for itself, the forum is invaluable. The three wise heads of Bill Joel and Olivier step in when needed and the rest of us have much to offer as well. Good stuff. Keep it up team.
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Hello Amel owners,
as I had a closer look on Bill' excellent pics'
my one cent word. As we communicate since long time on this forum and our boats are in the vintage age; because only on of the new 55 ft owners recall sometimes ago, I understand.But the problem is, all our nice boats, SM, SN,Maramu,Mago, Sharki etc. have its own live with in the meantime lot's of changment. So its hard to give a right and professionel advice, I can only help you If I see the problem myself. Best thing on my belief. Learn to understand the quit compelx tecnique yourself. This forum is only a littel help , but very nice as a social forum. Any feedback, critisme, new inputs are welcome for this forum; because a forum shoud have  an actual matter.
Only now my two cents words.
bon voyage à tous
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I am 99.9% sure I have the hose identified for you in the attached photo. I am not 100% sure because I am not aboard a SM at this time.


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Just got back to civilization (with internet)!  I'll look forward to the photo if it's not too much trouble.




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