Re: Seeking an Amel Super Maramu


Does anyone know of Amel Super Maramu's for sale privately? We are in contact with a few brokers and ready to make some offers pending viewing.  We were hoping to see an Amel before seeking to buy one, however from what research we have done it seems to be the most ideal boat for us and our 2 young boys aged 3 and 4.

We are looking to hopefully get a boat in Europe/America and plan a 2 year trip to eventually sail back to Australia.

Any leads to boats available shall be greatly appreciated and advice of what to look for would be amazing. 

Although l was a Yacht engineer in my previous life, and have done a lot of sailing and racing, I do not know Amels......Yet!!!  Advice needed.

with regards

Chris S

+61 (0)424 521 357

ps Bob Grey, if there is an opportunity to get in touch with owner in Yanchep just to see an Amel, that shall be appreciated.

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