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 Thank you so much.  Talk about an instant reply !How lucky we all are to have access to your knowledge and enthusiasm.

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The cause is most likely that the chain counter sensor needs replacing. You will need an IB5076 Chain Counter Sensor made by IFM Electronic

Unfortunately, you probably cannot find an IB5076, but can find an IB5124 which is identical to the original except it is a two wire unit that has wire terminals rather than a cable for connection. I have successfully installed an IB5124 instead of the IB5076 leaving 1 or the 3 wires disconnected. I left the brown wire disconnected and it works perfectly.   

The original 3 wires were brown, black and blue. To install the 2 wire sensor:
1. Cap off the brown and do not use.
2. Connect the blue (negative) wire to terminal labeled 2/4 
3. Connect the black (pos) wire to the terminal marked 1/3. 
4. Secure all with a couple of spots of silicone 

Note: The clearance between the "button" on the rope sheave and the IB5124 should be about 8-10 mm


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