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Alexandre Uster von Baar

Good morning Bill,


I just check the Main and Mizzen, and as for my Genoa they also furl in anti-clockwise - just like the graphic shows:

Every time I have a doubt I refer to the owner manual.

Picture 20 on Page 37 confirm the same direction of the graphic.
Strange enough Picture 25 on Page 41 almost made me think the opposite (let me know what you think)
Therefore picture 46 on page 56 shows clearly you furl both the Genoa and Balloner counter-clockwise.

Seem strange that Amel would do a graphic not accurate…

May be they decided to change furling from anti-clockwise to clockwise… (and then not bother changing the graphic?).

Not that is really important, but I wonder if Olivier or Joel have some knowledge on that.



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In your case the furler switch and
the graphic is the same as #387, but the rotation of the
furler is different. When #387 furler switch (Main or Genoa)
is pushed forward, the rotation is clockwise.
Most of the furlers I have seen
rotate clockwise to furl.
I wonder if Amel changed this in
later model SMs, or your previous owner changed

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