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That is a noble cause.

I know of a Super Maramu that was totaled twice and cosmetically repaired on the first occasion...and is currently listed for sale as a quality built Amel that can cross oceans safely.


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Hi Christian,

Thanks for your reply and concern but I would like to clarify... the insurance company owns the boat
 (they payed off my policy and took my boat) and I'm not trying to sell her. By posting on this site
 I'm trying to get someone who needs the sailing components to buy her so that some "boat salvage
 and restoration" person or company does not get the chance to do a cos metic "repair" and get
 somebody hurt or dead. If the boat is stripped of the sailing stuff then it cannot be sold to be used as
 an Amel Blue Water Sailing Machine ... only a liveaboard or scuttled and maybe part of an artificial reef.
The best to all you living the dream....,

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