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I installed this pump last year for AC salt water.

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I changed mine. This is the pump the folks at Costal Climate recommended. You can save yourself about $100 if you buy it on eBay.



It is an easy install and the foot print is similar to the Calpeda pump. March pumps have a great reputation. The thing I like about it on an Amel is the saltwater end is all plastic (nothing metal to bond to the Amel system). On the Calpeda pump, I am not sure it was entirely in tune with the whole Amel bonding/grounding design. I started to poke about on the Calpeda one day with a volt meter and picked up stay current on the pump. Soon after that it crapped out and I decided to add the March pump. It has been running for 2 years with no issues. I also purchased a frontend repair kit (includes seals and a replacement magnetic impeller)


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I saw that some people changed their AC water pump to a March magnetic drive pumps.

What model was used.


Does anyone know the specifications for the lift pump for the 160 LPH watermaker pump or a good substitute?

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