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When your SM was new, it came with three winch handles. One of them was short. Use the short one on the mizzen furler and a long one on the outhaul. You will get accustomed to this. 


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I appreciated the help that was offered about my small problem. Today I managed to get all of the mizzen out and again inside the small mast and practised the right procedure a few times. But pulling alone to get the sail out does not work. I need to do it with two winch handles, but keeping the boom low and tensioning the outhaul at the same pace as bits of sail coming out will do the trick. Thanks a lot!

Willem Kroes
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Op 25 mei 2017 1:06 a.m. schreef "Danny and Yvonne SIMMS simms@... [amelyachtowners]" <>:

I agree, the same applies when furling. Allowing the boom to rise when furling will lead to a jam up.
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Another suggestion...

With in mast furlers it is common to have the upper part of the sail fail to unroll if the boom is allowed to rise too high when unfurling.

If you do not have a vang, try keeping just a little bit of tension on mizzen sheet to keep the boom down just a bit.  I'll bet that gets your sail all the way out.

Bill Kinney
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