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To call it a "vang" is giving it a name probably more than it deserves. It is just a line from the mast to a shackle on the bottom of the boom about 1/3 of the way back.  The same shackle the preventer connects to.

The biggest and best change I have made to my boat was to add control lines and a line tender so I can control the mizzen traveler from the cockpit. So now my gybe procedure is like this....

Sheet in mizzen so the boom is more or less over the traveler car.
Move traveler to windward side.
Turn boat.
Ease the sheet.

All done from the cockpit.

Not only does it make gybing a piece of cake, I can easily and safely balance and fine tune the boat because I do not have to go out on the aft deck to move the traveler around.  For those of us who learned to sail on small boat, traveler adjustments are something you do all the time.  Having a traveler I had to physically muscle around out on the aft deck seemed to really be counter to everything that the Amel rig was about.

I have seen several Amel sailors who don't do anything with their travelers, just leave them amidships and do all sail trim with the sheets.  They are missing a big chunk of the boat's performance potential.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVI

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Hi  Bill,

The mizzen unfurlling exercise looks like a mad knife thrower, hurling knives at an imaginary target !

You have a vang on your mizzen  boom ? Do you have a pic of it ?

I have thought about putting one on, not because of furling issues, but to keep the boom down when gybing so it doesn't ride up the mizzen backstays. Only issue is that I store my dink upside down on the aft cabin roof when passage making.

Elyse SM437 

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