Aft cabin bigger bunk and Autoprop fouling

John and Anne on Bali Hai <annejohn@...>

We did a big job in order to get a bigger double bunk. There are some
pics in the Changes to Bali Hai album. It is great at at anchor
although Anne has to climb over my legs to get out before me. It is
alsso great when the boat is heeled as only one person will be using
it at a time and that person can lie fore and aft on the downhill
side.Construction details are given in msg #898.
I also know when the autoprop needs cleaning because even a small
amount of fouling will cause it to use too coarse a pitch and the
engine cannot reach full revs.If the fouling is bad the engine will
attempt to go faster and put out a lot of black smoke to foul the
We have connected a long hose to the regulator on the airbottle with
a scuba mouthpiece on the other end so that the bottle can stay on
deck midships whilst I clean the prop and or antifouling.
Normally cleaning the prop is necessary about three times a season
but this year I sanded it and gave it two coats of black propellor
antifouling called AqualinePlus from Jotun or Penguin Yachting. My
can was made in Italy by Orazio Brignola S.p.A but there is also an
address for Jotun Iberica S.A. in Barcelona.
The boat went in the water in May and I dived to clean the prop in
August clutching my wire brush,scraper and scourer. There were a
number of very small barnacles which were dead as they came off as
soon as I brushed them with my gardening gloves. I dived on the prop
again a couple of weeks ago and found virtually no fouling on it.
This was as I expected as the engine could still get up to 3100 revs
in flat water and no wind.

All the best, John, SM 319

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