Re: Washing machine replacement on AMEL54

Stephanie DiBelardino <stephiedib@...>

I do not know the dimensions of the washing machine used on the 54, but we just bought a  washing machine for our 53 --NOT a washer dryer, just a washing machine, but one with high revolutions. I prefer something simple, rather than complex!

 In Italy, where we live part of the year, we had no trouble finding a compact washer in prices ranging from Euro 450 to 1400.  We bought an Electrolux since we have a washing machine and dishwasher made by them in our home, and are very satisfied with the performance of both appliances -- AND we know that parts are readily available throughout Italy.  The downside was the cost of shipping from Italy to Florida.  I tried finding, on-line,  similar machines in the UK and France, thinking that freight would be less expensive.  But I was surprised that I could not find a washer that fit our 53 in either of those areas.   

Stephanie Martino DiBelardino

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