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Alex Ramseyer <alexramseyer@...>

Hi Stephanie,
can you tell me which exact Electrolux model you bought?
The dimension of my current machine is 85,7 cm (height), 59,5 cm (width) ca. 50cm (depth).
Good to hear from you again!
Cheers, Alex

On Friday, May 26, 2017 3:30 AM, "Stephanie DiBelardino stephiedib@... [amelyachtowners]" wrote:

I do not know the dimensions of the washing machine used on the 54, but we just bought a  washing machine for our 53 --NOT a washer dryer, just a washing machine, but one with high revolutions. I prefer something simple, rather than complex!

 In Italy, where we live part of the year, we had no trouble finding a compact washer in prices ranging from Euro 450 to 1400.  We bought an Electrolux since we have a washing machine and dishwasher made by them in our home, and are very satisfied with the performance of both appliances -- AND we know that parts are readily available throughout Italy.  The downside was the cost of shipping from Italy to Florida.  I tried finding, on-line,  similar machines in the UK and France, thinking that freight would be less expensive.  But I was surprised that I could not find a washer that fit our 53 in either of those areas.   

Stephanie Martino DiBelardino

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