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Alex Ramseyer <alexramseyer@...>

Hi Barry,
the problems are, it stops running in the middle of the program, it has a lot of rust (the bottom looks totally rusty) and I was hoping to find a model that is more energy efficient.
Not sure if replacing the pump will solve my first problem, but I'm not an expert. It's 12 years old, and I'm seriously thinking about replaceing it..
Best Regards,

On Thursday, May 25, 2017 11:34 AM, "Barry Connor connor_barry@... [amelyachtowners]" wrote:

Hi Alex,
What's the problem with your washer? Mine wasn't working when I bought 2 years ago, it was the pump - replaced by myself, cost £30. Did it from the front, didn't have to take out the washer. Would have been A lot of work if I had to get it out.
Bosch in Marseille wanted over €300 to fix it.

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On May 25, 2017, at 3:52 PM, Alex Ramseyer alexramseyer@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Dear Amelians,
The washing machine on my AMEL54 needs to be replaced. The Bosch model used on my boat, doesn't exist anymore and I couldn't find a new machine with the exact same dimensions. Are there brands / models out there that you recommend?
Fair winds,
Alex Ramseyer
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