Washing machine replacement Amel 54, Super Maramu 2000 plus others

Bill & Judy Rouse <yahoogroups@...>

The following will likely help you find a clothes washer replacement for either an Amel 54 or a Super Maramu 2000, and possibly other Amels since Amel has typically used house hold washers:

Here are links to some photos in the photo section of the Amel Owners Group. These photos are from an ad by www.unieuro.it


The clothes washer in a SM2000 is a standard EU size which is 85X40X60cm (HxWxD). I have not seen a size for the front loading washer on the 54.

When we were in Barcelona Spain there were about 6 or 7 choices of brands/models that would fit perfectly. We bought a Bosch Series 4. The model number plate is attached to this email.

Here is a link to Unieuro's current washer offerings: 

I am sure that you can find a freight forwarder that can work with Unieuro, and you may be able to find the right size for an Amel 54...I wish I knew the size.

BTW, our clothes washer was working fine when we replaced it at 13 years old. We replaced it for two reasons: it was old and we were in a part of the world where replacement was easy. Consider this if you are in the EU and about to depart.

If someone is successful in arranging purchase and shipment using a freight forwarder from EU to North America or the Caribbean, please share the details with everyone here. Details like contact names, phone, costs, etc.

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