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I agree completely.

AND, the C Drive oil expands when the C Drive reaches operating temperature. Check to make sure that the cap on the oil reservoir is breathing to allow for expansion and that the reservoir is not overfilled.

Eliminate the simple things first.


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Hi Paul,


A couple of thoughts on this:


Any oil that leaks from the engine area will drain and accumulate on the aft side of the rubber housing on the c-drive. First, I think I would use a paper towel to plug the hole in the divider just aft of this to ensure it is not engine oil draining down to the c-drive. You will then collect oil in the floor compartment adjacent to this. I would bet a cold beer this is where the oil is coming from.


If you determine it is not coming from the engine, there are only a couple of areas on the c-drive that could possibly leak. The first is where the oil enters the c-drive from the bulkhead mounted fill container. Check the hose connections with a white paper towel for oil. Mark the housing of the plastic fill container and check it after a couple of hundred engine hours to see if in fact you have lost oil. Where the shaft enters the c-drive there are a bunch of allen head screws that seal the unit. Check these for tightness and wipe the lower lip with a paper towel. The only other area is the top of the unit. It would be obvious if you had an oil leak there.


Hope this helps.



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I have discovered some oil just aft of where the drive unit go throuh the hull. I.e below the flexi  coupling. No oil inthe bilge so the leak must be on the after part somewhere. I find ca 50 ml after  50 h of motoring.

There is a rubber "covarage" with hose clamps just where it go through hull could that be the source of leaking?

It could also be the big flange bolted to the drive, but no obvious drops of oil to be found


Anyone experience similar problem?

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