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 Bad luck. We had them in Brasil. Probably weevils. One magazine I read recently suggested that they can eat through plastic bags.

 Just have to dump all the offending bags and go over everything lots of times with a vacuum cleaner. The ones that escaped used to get stuck in the fuzzy lining in our lockers

Mind you, they do say that they do add useful protein to a pesto sauce.....

Good luck !

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302 Genoa

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Dear Amelians,
I found this bug (attached picture)  in several pastas on my boat. They were even inside sealed plastic spaghetti packages that were inside a separate plastic box. It's not the first time I see them, but I have no clue where they come from and how they grow. They only seem to like pasta...
Does anyone of you know what it is and how to avoid them?
Fair winds,
AMEL54#15, Martinique

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