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Mark Erdos

Hi Thomas and Soraya,


I am not sure how close the 53 is to the 54 but it think you could do the same as I did. I am assuming you have the solar panels mounted aft on an arch? Is so, consider mounting the MPPT in the ceiling area above the mid-ship bunk in the passage way leading to the aft cabin (where there is access to the winches). It is easy to run cables through the aft lazarette though the cabinets in the aft stateroom into the fore mentioned area. Also, it is an easy run from this area down through the cabinet to the battery compartment.


Hope this helps.



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Hi Amel Solar users,



Where did you install your MPPT regulator? 


We are looking to get a MasterVolt "scm60-mppt-mb" that would work with 3*300W / 39V (Voc) panels in series but I'm concerned it is quite tall (400mm/15.7inch) and needs to be installed vertically.

On the plus side it is MasterBus compatible like the rest of our system, so easy to integrate and monitor.


Any advice on the best location inside an A54?



Fair winds,


Thomas & Soraya




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