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Everything that contain flour will sooner or later develop bugs. Their eggs will only die if you freeze the flour. Pasta is difficult to freez. So put a Baileaf inside the package and you are bug less. The diffucult thing is to put a bail leaf inside a fresh packet, so cut a hole big enough for the leaf and close thouroghly with some scotch.

You can do the same rhing with flour, rice and dried beans.

If you choose to freeze the flour, first re-pack it to a plastic container, seal it very carefully and then freeze it for 2-3 days. Take it out of the freeze and store it in a better place. You will still be able to bake with the flour. The freezeing doesn't affect it. The warmth is worse because it will dry the flour out, so when baking you need to use more liquid. I froze flour when we left Sweden in 2010, still have some left, yes I bought a lot 😊, and there is no bugs and I still use it for baking.

S/Y Lady Annila, SM 232, 1998

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Dear Amelians,
I found this bug (attached picture)  in several pastas on my boat. They were even inside sealed plastic spaghetti packages that were inside a separate plastic box. It's not the first time I see them, but I have no clue where they come from and how they grow. They only seem to like pasta...
Does anyone of you know what it is and how to avoid them?
Fair winds,
AMEL54#15, Martinique

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