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Sv Garulfo

Hi Dean, 

the arch is not built yet but the design is to use a halfway solution, as seen on another 54, whereby the forward posts rest on the toerail at the junction of the deck and transom, while the back posts are welded onto the davits. I've also seen pictures of an arch welded on the davitts only, but the other design seems safer as the length of the fixed part of the davitts is a bit short to ensure good rigidity of the structure. That's the owner's opinion and the boat has been around the world so it has been tested.

We'll provide pictures when the work is done on Garulfo,

Good luck with the search


Amel 54 #122
Cap d'Agde, France

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Hi Thomas,
Sorry can't help with the installation details - still looking at Amel 54's to buy.

I'm very interested to know If you fitted a solar arch/gantry to your Simpson Davits or have you built a separate solar arch. 

Amel 54#TBD

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