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Ann-Sofie Svanberg <kanalmamman@...>

I wouldn’t do without a printer onboard, mostly because of my job. 😊


I have had a HP Laser worked perfect until there where no drivers for it anymore … Changed to a compact printer/scanner/copy/fax  HP ink jet in 2014 it still works like a charm. The only drawback with an inkjet is that if the printed paper get damp the text will float out.


We did have problem to find a suitable place for the printer so we rebuilt the foul weather wardrobe next to the navigation table to a drawer with enough place in the top drawer for a printer.




S/Y Lady Annila, SM232, 1998



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Dear Amelians,


Contemplating getting a printer onboard...


From experience:

- would you say that is something useful to have onboard?

- Any suggestions or recommendations of models both compact and resistant to usage on boat?


Thanks for your input

Fair winds,





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