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I would like to help. It sounds like you have had a bad (and warm) day. 

Who are you going to believe? Amel manuals for Climma Compact 9 state either 50 or 60 hertz. I am going to believe Amel. And based on his stated opinion, maybe you should seek another technician. 

Did you see him disconnect the compressor then turn the A/C on and "blow fuses all over the boat?" And, which fuses? A bad compressor should only blow one fuse. And, he should have tested the A/C with the compressor disconnected before reaching his conclusion. 

BTW, was this original equipment on your SM? I didn't think the Climma Compacts were used in SMs of your hull number. 

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On May 30, 2017 16:15, "rcavie" <no_reply@...> wrote:

The air conditioner of the bow doesn´t work. When it turn on, the fuses fall all over the boat.

The air conditioning technician pointed out that the bow equipment, a Climma, Compact 9 EH, has bad the compressor. The compressor must be replaced. He says that compresor is 50hz and when used it with an electric current of 60 some of them can deteriorate. Any suggestions to replace for other equipment o replace the compressor?

Thank you


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