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eric freedman

HI Rafael,

My compressors on Kimberlite have been working fine on 60 hertz for the last 15 summers and much of the winter in the Caribbean.

Unfortunately I have tried to use a number of “certified” Climma technicians on St Maarten  and many do not know what they are doing and one firm near the bridge is absolutely dishonest.


I would wait till you find  someone on another island. Possibly write to Coastal Climate Control info@...

They are the USA distributors for Climma. They are very honest and knowledgeable. They might recommend a technician.


Did cleaning your propeller make your boat run faster?

Thank you for the kind note.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376


Ps if you are still in St Maarten I arrive on June 22 and can help you with your Climma problem.

Fair Winds






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The air conditioner of the bow doesn´t work. When it turn on, the fuses fall all over the boat.


The air conditioning technician pointed out that the bow equipment, a Climma, Compact 9 EH, has bad the compressor. The compressor must be replaced. He says that compresor is 50hz and when used it with an electric current of 60 some of them can deteriorate. Any suggestions to replace for other equipment o replace the compressor?


Thank you


Agapanthe SM2k246


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