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The most likely cause of the compressor not starting is a bad start or bad run capacitor (or both).  This will cause the compressor to fail to start or to run inefficiently and overheat.  It may cause the AC circuit breaker to open.

Locate the set of capacitors related to your AC unit (originally in the remotely located electronics box mounted near the compressor).  The failed capacitor is usually obvious as it will be ruptured with extrusion of dialectic material.  If there isn't an obvious failed capacitor then test them as noted below.

The capacitors related to the Climma Compact 9AC/EH AC units are:

Run Capacitor  40 mfd +/- 5% 420-470 VAC with spade connectors
Start Capacitor  10 mfd   470 VAC spade connectors
Low Fan Speed Capacitor Labeled C1,  3.15 mfd   with wire pigtail leads
Medium Fan Speed Capacitor Labeled C2, 2 mfd with wire pigtail leads
Fan Run Capacitor Labeled CM, 2 mfd with wire pigtail leads

All capacitors fail with age and operating conditions.  You can test the capacitors (test them out of circuit by disconnecting each one at a time) using a multimeter with capacitance functionality.  CAUTION -ASSURE POWER IS DISCONNECTED FROM THE UNIT AS THESE ARE LETHAL 220 VOLT AC UNITS AND ALLOW 30 MINUTES OR SO AFTER DISCONNECTING THE POWER TO ALLOW THE CAPACITOR CHARGE TO DISSIPATE (unless you know how to discharge them) PRIOR TO WORKING ON THE UNTIS. Something as cheap as this:

will work.

Capacitors of the the proper rating, dimensions, and connection configuration are obtainable by searching on the internet.  One good site I have found for capacitors with pigtail leads is: 

The compressors will NOT fail by running on 50 or 60 hertz and the compressor is probably the most bullet proof item on the Climma AC units. 

Good luck and let us know what you find out. 

Gary Silver
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