Maramu Helm seat template and wheel dimensions


Firstly a big THANK YOU to all in this group. My first post after a long time lurking, soaking up your knowledge and wisdom. You make being part of the Amel family very special.

I have a 1989 Maramu #260 with the original helm seat. The seat cover has perished and I plan to replace it with suede type leather, and also attempt to re-create the leather cover on the wheel. 

If any Maramu owners are able to post the following:

Helm Seat dimensions; so that I can pre-cut and perhaps sew the new cover before I return to the boat this month.
Facing forward, the width of the broad side of the cushion on the port side, 
the length of the long sides, a description of the angle of the taper where the seat joins the stainless steel centre support pole, distance from port side to centre pole and also the height of the cushion sides. (I hope this makes sense)

Helm wheel:  I need the outside circumference of the wheel, the diameter of the stainless tube, and the inner circumference between the three spokes. These should allow me to cut approximate pieces to take to the boat and hone my sewing skills. :-)

Any help with this will be really appreciated, and will allow me to carry even more boat bits in my luggage.

Warm regards,

Clay Sparkes

Maramu #260 1989

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