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Alexandre Uster von Baar

Had mine in San Juan, Puerto Rico was pretty cheap!

Sincerely, Alexandre
Island Water World Marina, Sint Maarten, NA


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Subject: RE: [Amel Yacht Owners] Replace mirror washing room
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Any local glass
shop can cut you a new mirror. Here are a couple of tips. We
replace all of our
mirrors last summer.


On the wall
cabinets, we replaced the glass with mirror plexi-glass. It
looks just the same
as glass. I think the plastic is much safer. We used the
same thickness as the
original glass. For the mirrors over the sink, we replace
these with glass
mirrors with safety backing. This is an adhesive backing put
on by the cutter.
It also helps keep the silver backing intact. The safety
backing will hold the
glass together if the mirror should break. Any glass shop
can do this for you. 



With best





Sailing Vessel
- Cream Puff - SM2K - #275

cruising – Puerto Rico



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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Replace mirror washing





I would like to replace the small mirror in the washing
room of the aft
cabin of my SM 2000. I would like to get one which looks
like the old

Has anyone experience with a company in the US who could
produce it? We
would like to order it if possible online.



SV JoEmi

No. 397

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