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eric freedman


I guess I will be starting World War 3.

I do not believe that the alternator needs a 3 stage regulator.

When the bank is full , the voltage drops down and the amps are in the 1-2 amp range.

A good friend of mine who sells batteries, and rebuild starter motors and alternators told me that

There is no need for a 3 stage regulator, He thinks the 3 stage regulators on alternators is a big scam. If they were necessary, why doesn’t the 12 V alternator on the genset and engine also  have a 3 stage regulator?

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Well done Ian !


While you are about it you may consider  fitting an external regulator that will charge the house batteries correctly


There are a couple of ways of doing this which are illustrated well in the files section.


The problem with the internal LN regulator is that is delivers 28.8 volts... forever....., and that will eventually kill your deep cycle house batteries if you motor for long periods.


If you do motor for hours you need to have a system that will deal with charging your deep cycle house batteries in a 3-stage manner ...if you want to prolong the life of your batteries.


if you have plenty of money to spend on batteries then  I guess it doesn't matter.




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