Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Leece-Neville 175 Amp Alternator


The question on the Leece-Neville potentially overcharging the batteries is an interesting one.  With solar charging we frequently start and use our diesel with the house batteries fully charged.  The solar charger has 3 stage charged the batteries up to 28.8v and then stepped down the voltage to a trickle charge for hours but then it gets pushed up to 28.8v when the Yanmar is started--seems like even a couple of hours of motoring could cause a problem.  The amps are small but I have not seen the voltage drop. Maybe the guys at Leece-Neville have an opinion.

On a somewhat related question.  A while back my voltage gauge on the Yanmar was indicating a charge of 15+v.  I tapped on the guage and it went to the normal range.  A multimeter reading confirmed that things were normal--its happened twice in 3 years and I think the meter just gets stuck.  But my question is this.  If the 12v alternator regulator were to fail and go into an over charge mode, what is the immediate intervention to avoid destroying your starter battery.  Do you disconnect it?  Doesn't that destroy the alternator or blow the diods or is it a moot issue because the regulator is already bad?
Bob, KAIMI SM429

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