Amel - To change or not to change? The answer

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You bring up an interesting point when you say, "Did Amel get it wrong or.." I noticed that someone said something similar on the heater thread.

My following comment is NOT for you or any of the very experienced Amel owners, rather it is for the members of this forum that are here to find their Amel and those that have recently bought their Amel.

In my opinion based on my experience, every Amel owner should put a high degree of trust in the decisions that Amel made (especially boats that Henri Amel participated in) regarding design, engineering, systems, production, and choices of components. I am aware of more than a few instances where "new-to-Amel" owners used their "experience" with other brands to "change" their Amel. In many cases the results were costly to the new-to-Amel owner, and in some cases very costly to the boat's next owner.

Henri Amel always said, "Respect the Sea." I always say, "Respect Henri Amel." Henri Amel's choices and decisions will be right more times than anyone participating in this group. Now, I would like to say, "If you like to gamble with an expensive asset, be aware of the odds."


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