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Yes, there are differing opinions on this subject and hopefully, Eric, it is not WWIII. And I believe that you have to be especially careful when you say, "I do not believe that the alternator needs a 3 stage regulator." And also when we discuss the "Battery Bank" without clarifying the type of batteries.

I always like to check with the closest person to the source to get the best informed answer. Based on what I learned from the Chief Engineer at Leece Neville, the regulator is in the Super Maramu alternator is perfect for 8-12 100-115 amp hour deep cycle flooded batteries, but not nearly as good for other types like AGM batteries. So, Henri Amel picked the best most problem free alternator for the batteries he installed...BUT, when you change the type of the batteries, you change that equation. The Chief Engineer strongly suggested a smart regulator added to the Leece Neville when I was thinking about AGM Batteries.

I have found the almost all of the electricians I have talked to agree that 28.5 volts with almost zero amps will do absolutely no harm to a flooded battery bank. Voltage is NOT Current.

Most of us will continue to do the things we have done as long as we are satisfied with the too! And most of us do not compare alternatives when we are satisfied AND when it is something that we feel we do not fully too!

So, Henri Amel's battery/alternator design in the Super Maramu is correct...but, when you start changing components and/or parameters, everything changes. I believe what I was told by Leece Neville and I am really glad Amel picked them. If you doubt it just ask any Amel 54 owner if they have ever changed their alternator. The 54 does not have Leece Neville and I think more than half have been changed.


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Thanks Clay,

That looks really interesting !

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