The 54 washer problem.

Porter McRoberts

It seems a yet unsolved problem:  
Replacement washer for 54 Amel.

Working with many capable folks on the forum: Joel P, Bill R.  I have been unable to find a suitable replacement this side of the pond, and even more frustratingly the other side as well.  
I had a thought tonight: buy a US model washer and then implant an inverter 230-110 and put that in.  Anyone had success with this approach?  What might be the pitfalls other than the one i am already falling into: size matters.  

We compute: New washing machine for an Amel 54 is 
Dimensions: (HxLxP en cm) : 85.2 / 60 / 44 or H33.54" / L23.62 "/ D17.33"

Hopefully some of the great minds on this forum will have some i sight.  It would certainly be appreciated!!

Many thanks in advance:


Porter McRoberts
Ibis: 54-152
Ft. Lauderdale

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