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I made one search on Electrolux and found four that would fit.

Article no EWS1252EDU, 850x595x377 mm
Article no SW31K6121, 850x595x377 mm
Article no EWS7146EDU, 850x595x448 mm capacaty 7 kg
Article no SW30K4101, 850x595x338 mm

Capacaty for them is 6 kg. The first one is the one I would have choosen since it have protection for variation in the voltage, and shuts down and restart from where it was in the program if short of power.

Contact your Electrolux dealer in US or search for an english version of the Electrolux web site.

S/Y Lady Annila, SM232, 1998

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8 juni 2017 kl. 02:58 skrev Porter McRoberts portermcroberts@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...>:


It seems a yet unsolved problem:  

Replacement washer for 54 Amel.

Working with many capable folks on the forum: Joel P, Bill R.  I have been unable to find a suitable replacement this side of the pond, and even more frustratingly the other side as well.  
I had a thought tonight: buy a US model washer and then implant an inverter 230-110 and put that in.  Anyone had success with this approach?  What might be the pitfalls other than the one i am already falling into: size matters.  

We compute: New washing machine for an Amel 54 is 
Dimensions: (HxLxP en cm) : 85.2 / 60 / 44 or H33.54" / L23.62 "/ D17.33"

Hopefully some of the great minds on this forum will have some i sight.  It would certainly be appreciated!!

Many thanks in advance:


Porter McRoberts
Ibis: 54-152
Ft. Lauderdale

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