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Porter McRoberts

All excellent points Joel.  
Really trying not to stray..  But clean clothes!…  
I will most certainly call Jay, and I have a bottle of scotch for you.  Do you like peat?

Thanks Joel


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A couple of challenges…


I believe you are referring to a 230V-110V step down transformer. This device will do nothing to convert 50 htz  230V produced by the generator and the majority of shore power available world wide to the 110V 60 htz the replacement washer would need. Converting cycles, either way, is not an easy or inexpensive proposition.


You could use a 24V to 110V/60h htz inverter but then you would be employing the battery bank to run the clothes washer, and you would have  110V devices that cannot be serviced in 90 % of the world as 230V/50 htz is the most prevalent power supply world wide.


In both cases, you would be adding additional equipment/systems that will be hard to service in the future when you leave the North American continent. More complication. More challenges. Not a worthy solution.


Having chased down these types of challenges for more than 35 years, I can tell you that you will face unforeseen obstacles. Even if a manufacturer would be willing to sell you a device not supported by a distribution and repair network in this country, rules and regulations usually prohibit them from doing so. Big companies and even the smaller ones don’t often ‘certify’ product that doesn’t adapt well to the power supply prevalent in a country they don’t normally supply.


Your best bet is to go to a French/Dutch island in the Caribbean and get someone who speaks the language to accompany you to a big appliance store in Martinique, Guadeloupe, or Sint Martin and have them order you something compatible if they don’t have it in stock. Much easier to ship an EU compliant unit into an EU territory than to send it here to north American.


Or, perhaps some sympathetic Amel owner in Europe will find you a unit that will work, arrange for you to send them the money to pay for it, and have it delivered to a FREIGHT FORWARDER who will know how to get it shipped to you here. If you do that, I suggest J.P. Reynolds here in Fort Lauderdale as your receiving freight forwarder here. They have been flawless serving my and my clients Amel interests for over three decades. Don’t pay me nuthin’, not even a bottle of Scotch at Christmas. Ask for Jay, tell him you are an Amel customer, jay@...  . 954-522-3765.  . Jay has also done the importation/duty payment on every Amel I have sold with very few exceptions. Good guy. Knows the business inside and out. Easy to work with.


Try not to change stuff/add sysytems as your Amel is brand new to you. Give it some time to get under your skin before you change anything.


Good Luck, Joel


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It seems a yet unsolved problem:  

Replacement washer for 54 Amel.


Working with many capable folks on the forum: Joel P, Bill R.  I have been unable to find a suitable replacement this side of the pond, and even more frustratingly the other side as well.  

I had a thought tonight: buy a US model washer and then implant an inverter 230-110 and put that in.  Anyone had success with this approach?  What might be the pitfalls other than the one i am already falling into: size matters.  



We compute: New washing machine for an Amel 54 is 

Dimensions: (HxLxP en cm) : 85.2 / 60 / 44 or H33.54" / L23.62 "/ D17.33"


Hopefully some of the great minds on this forum will have some i sight.  It would certainly be appreciated!!


Many thanks in advance:




Porter McRoberts
Ibis: 54-152
Ft. Lauderdale





Porter McRoberts
Ibis: 54-152
Ft. Lauderdale

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