Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] The 54 washer problem.

John Clark

Hi Porter,
     I agree with Joel on the converting 50 to 60hz.   I remember the other day, you saying that you were looking at getting a "transformer" to convert power but didn't think about it until we had left for Charleston.  Either the beer or the discussions about Shakespeare distracted me.  :) 

I found Martinique to have a lot more shopping resources than the other islands especially for 230/50hz equipment.  My washer was working when we left or I would have bought one there.  I did however shop for an icemaker and noted many appliance stores with compact washers.  I'm sure there would be one that fits the 54.  The large mall near the airport called the Galleria has an appliance store that appeared to have a good inventory.  

St. Maarten, at least the stores I went to had 60hz appliances so that might not be a good place to shop.  It is my understanding that the island is all 60hz.  

  If you do head back toward Martinique and intend to spend any significant money on equipment or service on the boat, look up Douglas Rapier (Douglas Yacht Services.)   He is a French customs broker and for a fee can set you up with a VAT exemption number that relieves you of having to pay VAT tax on any purchase related to the boat. He also speaks fluent English.    I used the VAT exemption without issues for the rerigging work at Caraibe and at Amel for parts and servicing.  
​Douglas assured me it would work throughout the island.

Regards,   John

SV Annie (fmr Vent de Soleil)   SM 37  
Charleston, SC

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