Re: Eberspacher Heater

Duane Siegfri

Ian & Eric,

Thank you for the suggestions and help.  I apologize for not getting back to you earlier.  It's been a busy time for us.

Eric,  the Control Unit is separate from the burner unit and mounted next to the Current Regulator.  I have the manufacturers technical data booklet (including install instructions).

Ian, as you suggested I removed the duct from the inlet (aft) end and had Peg turn it off and on.  The blower did not turn at all.  I did hear a distinct "click" from the Control Unit, which I verified by holding a screwdriver to the CU and my ear.  

You noted that if a relay was working it was likely not the Control Unit, but may be a PCB at the aft end of the burner unit.  Could you give me an idea where to access the PCB?


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