Aft berthing bulkhead replacement - Santorin Sloop


Hi all,

I'm looking for someone that has intimate construction knowledge of the Santorin - most likely Oliver.

The aft berthing bulkhead has soaked up some water and it looks like a previous owner had the center section of wood cut out and replaced and then the backstay rebedded (she's a sloop SN 27, 1990, formerly Akwaaba). I've spoken with Chris, the previous owner and she has put me in contact with the person that did the previous work, which I will meet later today.

The water intrusion has also affected the original wood which will also need replaced.

I'm asking if anyone can give knowledge on the construction of the aft bulkhead (purely wood tabbed into the hull? Or fiberglass backing in the aft storage locker? Etc) as well has how the structure integrity of the backstay was originally made.

The water intrusion was parts of: 1) aft locker seal needs replaced 2) the drain plug had been kept in and allowed water accumulation 3) which seeped through a cable conduit that the caulking had failed

all of this started seeping up from the center bottom portion of the bulkhead.

Thank you for any input.

Phuket - on the hard
SV Iris, Santorin 27

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