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Eric Freedman

Hi Oliver,

It is very simple  to convert a European plug to a USA plug.

Purchase a 50 amp USA plug similar to the one in the link below..


This can be purchased in almost any chandlery.

Disassemble your European plug. You will find a brown, Blue, and Yellow/green wires.


When you open the USA 50 amp plug you will find 4 connection points. Red, White, Black, and Green.

Connect the yellow green boat wire to the green terminal, connect either the blue or the brown to the black USA terminal, and connect the other wire to the to the red USA terminal.

The white terminal in the USA plug is not used.


When this is assembled fill the hole in the in the USA plug with silicone as the 50 amp cables  in the USA are much bigger.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376






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we are now in the US  and we need an adaptor to get shore power.


We have the 3 prong Euro plug and need an adapter for the 240 V  US shore power.


Does anybody knows where I can get it or how I can link the 3 wires from the European plug to the 4 wires of the US shore power?


Thank you in advance 



SV JoEmi /SM 2000

no 397

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