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Bill & Eric
When we installed the Dual system , we put it between the engine and genset. In the spot where the filter was before we installed an Algae X filter that does not require changing. On the Racor we went with a 5MM filter and the other is a 10MM. Changing filters is easy now.

S/V Nomad

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I agree. My only solution is that I reserve the outboard filter for
emergency use only...if anyone can figure out something better, I am
all ears.

Bill Rouse
s/v BeBe SM2 #387

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> hi,
> i have a
> yanmar engine with a dual racor filter. the outboard filter is very
difficult and messy to drain.
> does anyone have a easy solution to this problem.
> also how do you clean under the engine?
> fair winds,
> eric
> sm376 kimberlite

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