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Oliver, it is better to use the 230V 50 amp plug. The 110-230V step up transformer is limited in its capabilities and can get rather hot. If you have the electrician at Deltaville follow the instructions you have been given ( Eric is an electrical engineer from MIT as well as a jeweler, a bon vivant and… ) you will be better served by the 230V system


The 110V step up transformer is something we developed to ease North Americans into a boat buying decision as these clients are generally uncertain about 230V power. Once they got their boat in la Rochelle and had Olivier Beaute show them that 230V works better for everything, hardly anyone used the 110V step up transformer.


Be VERY CAREFUL regarding 60 cycle USA 230V which will destroy things that require 50 cycle European 230V. You can only use the battery chargers, the air conditioning and the hot water heater when plugged into USA 230V 60 cycle shore power. TURN ALL THE OTHER 230V CIRCUIT BREAKERS OFF AT THE MASTER 230V PANEL.


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Thank you so much.


The marina told me, that they have also a 30 Amp 125V shore power.

On my boat we have the additional Amel equipment of a 110 V Transformator. I think that the 30 Amp US plug has only 3 wires. Could it be better using the 110V Transfo?

I'm a little bit concerned because the marina told me that a former Amel almost burned because the 110V Transfo on board got to hot. I couldn't believe it, because I thought that it was made from Amel for using it in the US.





SV JoEmi

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You can get the plug at most marine supply shops. It cost about $100USD.



and this:



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we are now in the US  and we need an adaptor to get shore power.


We have the 3 prong Euro plug and need an adapter for the 240 V  US shore power.


Does anybody knows where I can get it or how I can link the 3 wires from the European plug to the 4 wires of the US shore power?


Thank you in advance 



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