4jh3-hte turbo after cooler

thomas.kleman <no_reply@...>

First, I'd like to thank the 'old salts'.......I've lived on my SM2K (#422) for the past 3 yrs in the Carib nearly full time, and rigging renewal is the only labor I've paid for thanks to your brilliant ideas and experience......and of course documentation. So here's my issue.......notice a puff of smoke through exhaust (more than normal), so change Yanmar raw water impeller in Ile Des Saintes (impeller perfect, of course). Notice a small salt deposit on the bottom of the caps of the high rise turbo after cooler.......(4jh3-hte)......ok, I have spare o-rings and nothing but time, so remove the end caps (really needed to exert force unscrewing them). O-rings both destroyed (thus the slight leak). Of course the tubes are totally clear. So, put on the spare o-rings, scew back the 13mm screws and test. Gushing water from bottom of both caps........try to tighten a bit more and notice that one screw hole in each end of the casting is also stripped........wont hold a screw. I have wrong o-rings, but now a larger problem..........cant screw down cap with 4 screws. So, with no thicker (read correct) o-rings, what to do ? As a half-assed emergency fix I put 2 of my skinny o-rings on each end, used the 3 screws that fit on each cap, and it doesnt leak......yet.

Question- I'm sailing Guadeloupe to St. Marten tomorrow. Do I need a new air cooler box ? Can I just tap a 14 mm hole into the stripped 13 mm hole, get bigger o-rings, and save $1500 ? Thoughts ?

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