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Pat,      That was our view-- until we cleaned the contacts to the starter motor itself. It may well be quite different in your case, but you would lose nothing by cleaning those contacts. Indeed, if doing so made no difference, at least it would give you more confidence in you diagnosis that the switch is the problem.

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Ian&Judy, In my case , switching the switch off and on several times , cures the problem and allows enough current to flow to start the engine,albeit until the next time. So it appears the problem resides in the switch.
Thanks,Pat SM #123

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Pat , We have had the same experience . In our case , nothing to do with the switch and everything to do with corrosion on the connection to the starter motor and adjacent solenoid . I would start there first with some sandpaper . Remember to switch off your batteries at the battery box before you do this .

Ian and Judy , Pen Azen SM 302 Genoa

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Several times recently upon trying to start my engine it would not turn over , I discovered that if I would switch the top lever of the battery switch on and off several times , I would then have power and could start the engine . It would seem to be a case of corrosion on the contacts and switching it on and off cleans the contacts enough for power to flow to the starter. The switch appears to be sealed tight . Does anyone know if that switch could be opened to be cleaned up ? Late last night sailing into my mooring under a full moon , (beautiful night) , I luffed my sails and the engine would not start , I had enough steerage to tack on out into the river and get the engine started . I need to get this fixed . If it cannot be opened , does anyone know the source to but a new switch.

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