Re: Sloop rig santorin, Stainless steel bolts on the mast foot?

Craig Briggs

Perhaps you could introduce yourself - are you shopping for an Amel? What's your name? home port, etc.
There are no bolts on the forward face of the original Santorin mast.
Craig, SN#68 Sangaris

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Hi every body and thank you in advance for sharin your knowledge!

I have visited a 1991 sloop rigged Santorin in La Rochelle couple days ago.

The boat is fine. But i have been very surprised by discovering on the forward face of the mast foot three big stainless steel bolts.

Is it a standard feature?

What is its purpose?

The paint on the mast was tearing around these bolts, is this a sign of ss/aluminium bad neighbourhood?

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