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Hi all, Let me jump into the filter fray. For years I've used a 2 micron filter as my primary filter ,on my old boat and this Amel, they worked just fine because I was always buying good clean fuel. On this trip south I stocked up on 2 micron filters and took off. Three weeks ago I got a bad load of fuel that cost me all of my 2 micron filters. I was using one every 3 to 6 hours. I limped into a port on my last filter. I had a diesel mechanic come aboard and he told me that I needed to use 10 micron filters for the primary. I then called the Volvo representative in the states, and he told me that Volvo recommends a 10 primary because their secondary on the engine is a 2 micron. I then had the mechanic order me a dozen flown in. I now have the proper filters and have only changed the primary once since then. Ironically, after the incident I was reading an old cruising world magazine,may 2007, and on page 81 there was an article from Zimmerman Marine about the proper filters to use on a diesel engine. He says the same thing except he explains in detail why. I'm now a 10 micron man. As to the gentlemen who wanted advise about taking his Amel down the intercoastal waterway from Norfolk. I'm a license Captain from Norfolk Va. who has made that trip many times in various boats in the last 30 years. My advise to him is " don't even think about it" John SM248 Moondog
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