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Hi Duane,
There should be a rudder indicator test in the diagnostic and set-up section of the plotter.  It will check for the full voltage range of motion as well as polarity. Poke around in the menus to set up a new boat.

I had a very similar problem once and it turned out that the rudder position rheostat had a little dead zone if the wheel was hard hard over to Port. This would upset the sync. It was short term fixable by just turning the wheel hard over the other way and then centering again.

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It's tough to catch a break!  We recently had the S3G Course Computer go down.  The problem was diagnosed as a factory programming glitch that sends out a "kill" signal that shuts the unit down.  Raymarine had a software update available.

We bought a reconditioned one from Dan Gehrhardt and installed it and now the rudder sensor doesn't work.  I know for a fact it was working when I was eliminating possible problems with the S3G.  I installed the reconditioned one and then went through the rudder sensor wires twice more thinking I had a bad connection but still the rudder sensor is dead (no output to the ST7001).

I had Dan fix my old S3G and I'm going to install that one when we receive it to see if it might be the S3G that's the problem.

In the meantime, is there a way to determine if the rudder sensor is OK?  I'm guessing that the Black and Red wires are power from the S3G to the rudder sensor, and the green and blue wires are some kind of rheostat (believe me, I'm no electronics whiz!).  So if I hooked up a voltmeter to the green and blue should I expect a voltage?  Would the voltage change as the wheel is turned?

Any other ideas to check the rudder sensor?



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