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I said, "possibly a blockage anywhere between the CAT pump and outside the boat, a poor performing feed pump, or clogged prefilter."

So, before I would declare a problem with the CAT pump (which is possible) I would check flow from outside the boat to the CAT. That includes sea cocks, filters, strainers, and hoses. I suspected a supply blockage and not an output blockage because you said that the pressure goes down, then up. Of course it could be a bad regulator valve, output blockage, or the CAT pump. But, based on what you said, it sure sounds like the high pressure switch is shutting the system OFF.

I was simply giving you my best guess and to check only one item doesn't really get either of us anywhere. If I were you, I would assume that the CAT pump and the high pressure switch are operating correctly and your problem is a flow problem.


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Thanks for the reply Bill.

I should have noted I washed the pre-filter thinking it could be a blockage and it still shuts down.  It's odd though, because sometimes it will run for two hours or more without a problem.

The pre-filters I use are washable, but maybe there's a limit to that.  I'll put a new one in and see if that helps.  Here in Lake Worth the water is pretty muddy, but I was having the problem in the Bahamas as well.

I don't have a feed pump, the CAT pump is plumbed directly to the pre-filter.


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