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Hello Tony,

First of all, you won't be able to get a SM into New Bern without
removing the main mast first. Read the posts about doing the ICW
from Norfolk to Beaufort. The tide range isn't enough to get you
under the fixed bridges.

I have cruised the Carolinas and the East Coast extensively for
many years. In my opinion, the best yards on the central East Coast
are in the Chesapeake. Right now, I am hauled out at Deltaville
Boatyard, near the South end of the Chesapeake. It's far from any
city, but has good people, very competitive rates, and can handle a
SM. There are about 150 good-sized sailboats hauled out here, and
they have competent mechanics. There's not much in the Carolinas or
Georgia that can compare, except maybe Charleston City Marina &
Boatyard (But I have no experience with their boatyard).

Feel free to contact me regarding Deltaville Boatyard or any other
location on the East Coast.

Regards, Roy on Excalibur, SM # 195

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Hello all,

It is time to start heading back to the US. Can anyone tell me of
a "good" marina that has yard facilites? I would like to pull the
and generator out of our boat and give the engine room a total
upgrading. We have reservations at a marina in New Bern, NC., but
there are no facilites for the work I would like to get done. We
prefer to stay in No. Carolina or So. Carolina maybe even Georgia.
plan to get there just about Christmas. Thanks in advance for any

Tony Gray
SM #266

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