Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Instalation SSB

Massimo Vecchietti

...I am very satisfied of this radio ,connected to a Pactor III.
I have used  the  starboard back-stay as antenna and AT 140  tunner
Normal transformer from 24v to 12 v.
Only AT 140 is connected to ground
SY Patchouli II  n 84

Il 14 Giu 2017 5:24 PM, "rcavie" <no_reply@...> ha scritto:

Hi Max

I have the same Icom 706 MK2g and the tunner AT 120.
I will install my radio and I would like if you have a special converter from 24 to 12 V. What kind of antenna do you use, Shakespeare?  
Pleas let me know your experience with this radio.
I´ve got some information about grounding from others amel owners.
Thank you very much

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