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Bonjour Olivier
What an amazing Amel science you have! The boat in question is named Antioche and is up for sale in la Rochelle.
I have been looking at amels since i first saw them as a kid in le port d'hyères. I think these were big mangos at the time, and in remember thinking "how can someone make such ugly looking boats?" With time came a little bit of wisdom and i learnt the why and how of these amazing vessels.
I have the chance to be introduced to this boat by the nice guy at amel brokerage who sure knows what he is talking about. 
I may leave for a long cruise in the coming years and an amel will be on the list. But the time has not come yet and i wouldn't like to own an amel and let him collect moss in some la rochelle pontoon.
I really appreciat your knowledge and the time you took to answer.
Will reach you, in french, when the time comes.
A très bientôt

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