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eric freedman


There are a lot of inexpensive 24 to 12 volt electronic converters much smaller than the old Icom unit.

I carry a few just in case one of the other 5 converters go bad.

Just google 24 to 12 volt converters. I forgot which ones I purchased .

Here is a sample


This one is 480 watts..

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376



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The Icom 24-13.6VDC Converter used by Amel on SSB installations is difficult to find. Normal price is around $800-$1,000USD.





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Hi Max

I have the same Icom 706 MK2g and the tunner AT 120.

I will install my radio and I would like if you have a special converter from 24 to 12 V. What kind of antenna do you use, Shakespeare?  

Pleas let me know your experience with this radio.

I´ve got some information about grounding from others amel owners.

Thank you very much





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