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let me know what you do about the Sterling Alternator to Battery charger. I was looking at that as an alternative to changing to a larger alternator. It reads as if you could connect both the engine and shaft alternators to it (still working independently as originally designed) but would complete a better 4 stage charging regime and be adjustable for different battery types. Has anyone else out there installed one of these??
....and get plenty beers ready on the battery exchange - I've done it twice now and lost about 7lbs body weight in sweat each time. Next time I do it I'm going to sail somewhere cold first!!
I've currently got 2 x 75w solar panels on the aft side rails. They pivot easily at anchor and stack vertically inside the rails when sailing, but they are not enough to keep the fridge going during the day. I need around another 100 w of solar. I did buy a portable generator which I plug directly into the shore power socket. This works well for charging and giving some mains voltage in the boat provided you keep the total outgoing amps within the range of what's being produced. It means Linda is a happy girl because she can use her hair dryer etc when we're anchored - well worth it for a contented crew!!
Good luck with your installation.
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We ended up going with the following

new batteries are purchased. 680 Amp hours at 12 volt. Also purchased an automated battery watering system with the batteries. Picking them up on Friday and installing on friday then beer. each batter was 250 MINUS the core (varies on type of battery) I originally wanted the L16 wich would give 840 Amp hours but figured the savings in money could buy another solar panel.

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