Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Instalation SSB

Alan Leslie

Hello Eric,

It's the ground in the SSB transceiver and the antenna tuner that is the problem, and I would think that -ve tied to ground is pretty common practice in most radios.
The AT130/140 tuners, for example, use the ground shield in the coax cables, which are connected to the antenna ground, as the negative return for the tuner power supply which comes from the transceiver.
If the 24-12 converter is not isolated, the -ve rail in the transceiver / tuner combination finds it's way to ships ground through the seawater from the tuner ground plate to the anodes on the rudder.. and it will light up the little red test light in the companionway when you push the switch fwd.... you don;t need to ask me how I know that !

Elyse SM437

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